Lead Generation Process – What would be the most difficult for a business? Have you ever tried to know? One of the most difficult things for a business is to increase sales and, generating leads, takes a lot of time. A business man spends all his time in creating good content, networking, spreading the name of his brand far and wide. In fact, it takes a lot of time and this feeling is definitely felt by every businessman at least once. But when we join digital lancers, it becomes very easy for us to generate leads.

Generate Leads

After joining Digital lancers, many brands have been able to generate leads, as well as acquire many new customers. In today’s article, we will learn about the 4 steps to generate leads for Digital lancers. Which is used by the famous digital marketing agency Digital lancers. By the way, there are some ways to generate leads, each agency has its own different methods. But today we will learn about some 4 steps to generate leads.

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is a process in which the customer has to be attracted towards the product and persuaded to do the product. Businesses mainly adopt many methods to do lead generation, which include methods like TV advertisements, mails, trendy shows, social media marketing etc. There are many ways to attract new customers, such as email marketing, digital marketing, seo, pay per click advertising, social media marketing, etc.

4 steps of the lead generation process?

1: Research.

Lead Generation Process – First of all, it is very important to get complete information about your target customers, only then you have to start collecting leads. You have to know who your target customer is and where they live, what their needs are and most importantly what are the pain points of your customers. To keep you in good relationship with your customers, this is why digital lancers is most popular. It is a digital marketing agency that provides you the information of your customers and collects leads quickly. Apart from this, you also have to identify your competitors, what are they doing? What is the difference between their product and yours? And if they is better than you then why?


Your choice of medium will affect your content format. For example, videos work well on social media, but you can’t embed them in emails. Similarly, if you’re going after your target audience on Twitter, your long blogs need to be linked or at least included. shortening will be required.

2: Good Content Creation

Your offer goes a long way in attracting your customers, your content goes a long way in influencing you. You can take the help of digital lancers to make your content attractive. Digital lancers has a full team of experts, which includes best experienced content writers, graphics designers, C experts, etc. It all boils down to designing your branded content in such an engaging way that customers are drawn to your posts.


It is known for its good material manufacturing and has many years of experience in doing its work. If you are looking for Best B2B Lead Generation Company in Pune then you can trust digital lancers blindly.

3: Develop a database to generate leads

After generating the leads, you have to create a lead database where you should keep a complete record of each and every customer you have. This allows you sales team to be more efficient through inventory. digital lancers will help you to grow fast. It maintains a database of your every customer’s information, which helps you a lot in generating leads.

4: Qualify and score lead.

Lead Generation Process – When you generate leads, eventually there will be a lot of people who will be attracted to your brand, the rest will be considered. You have to adjust your approach based on these. Most companies use a lead score system ranging from 1 to 100.